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What is POLYTECH®, the EPS Lightweight Concrete.

It is a light mixture that contains uniformly distributed polystyrene beads (EPS) which make it lighter than traditional concrete.

POLYTECH® is a light mixture of water, cement, TECH additive and polystyrene beads (virgin or recycled) uniformly distributed which make it lighter than traditional concrete.

The lightweight concrete obtained with the mixture POLYTECH® can be used in renovations and in new civil and industrial buildings.
It is mostly used for the thermal insulation of floors, attics and roofs, for filling of voids and cavities

POLYTECH® is also used for the production of blocks, prefabricated panels and on-site cast walls.

How to make POLYTECH®, the EPS lightweight concrete?

What you need to make POLYTECH®, the EPS lightweight concrete.

The components of POLYTECH® are water, cement, polystyrene beads (virgin or recycled) and TECH or TECH S additive that ensure an accurate mixing avoiding the separation and sedimentation.
Moreover, it also increases the mixture volume, avoid the problems of shrinking and related consequences as; cracks and deformations, without modifying curing times of concrete mixture.

As in the CLC, the lightness and so the compressive strength, is determined by the polystyrene added.

How to use POLYTECH®?  

Application of POLYTECH®.

POLYTECH® is used as thermal insulation and its lightened structure makes it particularly suitable for all of those applications that require insulation and a lower density than regular concrete.

It is specially used for filling and insulating roofs, screeds, cavities and for the production of blocks or prefabricated panels for exterior or partitions.
It can be also cast directly on site for the realization of walls.

The dry density most used is between  250 and 400 Kg/m³.

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