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Wide range of accessories to use with the machines

COISOIMPER offers a wide range of accessories to use with the machines:

  • Conveyors belt for sand loading
  • Screw conveyors for cement loading
  • Cart for trasporting the machines and the accessories
  • Electronic weighing system for the automatic loading od raw materials
  • Molds for the production of blocks, panels and slabs HP
  • Rubber and PVC hoses with different diamters lenght, used for pumping
  • Tools to report the level points in the screed production
  • Rakes for leveling screeds

CBS conveyor belt for sand

Conveyor belt designed for loading wet or dry sand into the mixer, to facilitate and reduce the loading times.

CBS is supplied in 2 versions:

CBS3 with length of 3 mt (used with KOMPATTO placed on the ground).
CBS4 with length of 4mt (used with KOMPATTO placed on a trailer or truck).

Foldable in two pieces for an easy transport.

CTC screw conveyor for cement

Screw conveyor designed to reduce dust and loading times of the cement bags into the mixer.

CTC is supplied in 2 versions:

– CTC v1 with length of 2,5 mt (used with machine placed on the ground).
– CTC v2 with length from 2,6 to 3,5 mt (used with machine placed on a trailer or truck).

Removable in two pieces for an easy transport.


Aluminum trailer to be connected to Pick up or vans suitable for towing, used for transporting the machinery and all accessories.
Very useful when the machine is used with the screw conveyor CTC v2 and/or the conveyor belt CBS4, so all the machines are not downloaded on site.

Internal dimensions: 393 x 189 cm
External dimensions: 541 x 195 cm
Payload: 2.000 Kg
Empty mass: 500 Kg

EWS electronic weighing system

Electronic weighing system for an accurate and automatic production.
EWS controls the automatic loading of the raw materials from the screw conveyor CTC, the conveyor belt CBS and the water pump, increasing the production capacity until the 25%.

It is composed by Load cells, display for setting formulas, structure in steel.


Steel molds with various dimensions, designed following the customer requirements.
Made with accurate precision and with hermetic sealing system.
Very simple and practical in assembly/disassembly.

Level translator

Level translator with telescopic frame and with graduated rod.
A simple and effective tool to accurately report the level points in the screed production.
Useful to place the level guides for the screed casting in CLC and POLYTECH®.

Level guides

Used as level point during  screed casting.
The level guides are quickly and easily adjusted by the level translator.



Aluminiun rakes, light and very practical, used for leveling screed in CLC and POLYTECH®
Supplied in two types:
– round rake with double handle, with dimensions 1 mt – 1,5 – 2 mt, very useful for fluid screed in CLC and POLYTECH®
– Flat rake with wooden handle, with 1 mt lenght,  very useful for screed in POLYTECH®

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