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What is Polytech FCS

A thermal and acoustic insulation system, made with lightweight concrete to create low energy consumption buildings. In fact, the full name is POLYTECH FOAM CONCRETE SYSTEM.

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Coisoimper‘s proposal in cooperation with Tech Service Polska, Polish partner since 2003.

Our products include thermal and acoustic insulation systems, for the construction of low energy consumption buildings, as well as for horizontal and vertical partitions (such as terraces, roofs, floors, walls).

The mobility of production facilitates access to our solutions, which can be created on site at the construction site or at the prefabrication plant.

Why Polytech Foam Concrete System?

To create low energy consumption buildings.

The essence of our business is the creation, research and implementation of modern and ecological solutions dedicated to the construction industry.

We work to rid the construction industry of harmful stereotypes. The solutions we offer are adapted to market needs and environmental changes to achieve a positive goal: supporting an ethical business.

How does Polytech Foam Concrete System work?

Our solutions are characterized by simple structure and ease of use.

We know that the optimization of construction solutions, both new and existing, is only possible with the use of high quality machinery and equipment.

The machines and systems are characterized by a simple structure and the resulting ease of use with high efficiency and low energy consumption. The complete customization of the systems, which we guarantee, greatly facilitates the work of contractors and brings tangible benefits to users.

Where to apply Polytech Foam Concrete System?

Residential and industrial construction.

The technologies and products we introduce are used in residential and industrial construction.

Our original and further developed products are used in all types of buildings (both newly designed and existing ones, as well as for architectural monuments).

Our commitment: ecology and energy saving

Reduce energy consumption for the benefit of the environment and the climate.

In the production process, we use recycled plastic waste (such as recycled polystyrene granules). In this way, the raw materials obtained, intended for the production of Polytech, are recirculated in a safe way for the user, in compliance with national and community environmental regulations. Therefore all our products are constantly adapted to environmental changes and the legal requirements of the construction industry.

Furthermore, throughout the process it is our main objective to reduce energy consumption for the benefit of the environment and the climate. Indeed, with Polytech, we enable customers to reduce the energy costs needed to heat or cool buildings, thus helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

The advantages of Polytech Foam Concrete System

Guaranteed effectiveness and efficiency.

Building with the Polytech Foam Concrete system offers the following advantages:

– thermal and acoustic insulation
– construction of buildings with low energy consumption
– creation of horizontal and vertical partitions
– mobility of production for on-site construction
– modern and ecological solutions
– solutions suited to the needs of the market and environmental changes
– reliable solutions and high performance
– machinery and equipment with a simple and easy to use structure
– recycled material compliant with national and community environmental standards
– complete customization of systems for every need, place, method
– for residential construction and industrial

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