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Polytech® Therm InSide

Polytech® Therm InSide are panels for thermal insulation of external walls, designed for use inside
buildings. Polytech® Therm InSide panels are used when traditional thermal insulation methods
(insulation applied on the outer surface of walls) cannot be used because the surface must not be
interfered with (listed buildings are a good example).

Polytech® Therm InSide panels are easy to finish. They can be used for thermal insulation of both walls, floors and ceilings. The thickness of the thermal insulation layer made of Polytech® Therm InSide panels and the finishing method should depend on an assessment of the technical condition of the building.

Where to use Polytech® Therm InSide panels?

If the outer surface of the wall in your building must not be interfered with because it is a listed building or if thermal insulation work on the outside of a wall is difficult (for example because the wall is situated on a land boundary), the walls may have to be thermally insulated inside rather than outside the building.

Polytech® Therm InSide panels are the perfect choice whenever you need to thermally insulate a listed building inside or areas difficult to access, such as space near doors, windows, concealed window roller blind boxes or recessed spaces for heaters. They can also be used to make thermal insulation work easier inside staircases or cellars. They are a good solution where thermal insulation of the outer surface of walls is impossible. Polytech® Therm InSide are also recommended for use in building where the external walls are finished with natural stone, clinker tiles or timber cladding materials.

What are the benefits of Polytech® Therm InSide?

  • Polytech® Therm InSide panels offer excellent thermal insulation properties.
  • Therm InSide panels are non-flammable.
  • The alkaline nature of the product (pH11) minimises the risk of mould on the walls.
  • The heat transfer coefficient of the panels is very good (λ ≤ 0.06 [ W/K∙m]).
  • The panels are available in a wide range of thicknesses, ranging from 5 cm to 30 cm, depending on what is needed.
  • The panels are suitable as a thermal insulation material for listed buildings and where the external walls are finished with natural stone, clinker tiles or timber claddi
  • Polytech® Therm InSide are an eco-friendly material; they are made of construction waste.
  • Polytech® Therm InSide are easy to finish and install.

The technical properties of Polytech Therm InSide panels were confirmed in empirical
studies described in scientific journals, such as and

If you are interested in becoming a manufacturer of Polytech® Therm InSide panels for thermal
insulation of external walls inside buildings, regardless of the intended production volume, contact us! We will provide you with a set of guidelines for your factory and implementation support.

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