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Geotech, the geotechnical filling system in FOAM CONCRETE.

Filling and stabilization of the subsoil with FOAM CONCRETE.

Filling and stabilization of the subsoil with FOAM CONCRETE.

Geotechnical filling with FOAM CONCRETE (CLC) is an alternative to digging and therefore to replacing unsuitable and unstable land (clay or marshy) with compacting land or other traditional materials suited to modifying the subsoil.

FOAM CONCRETE on top of unstable soil reduces the vertical dead load and increases the amortization capacity and stability with the addition of minimum weight.

Applications of FOAM CONCRETE in the geotechnical filling system.

FOAM CONCRETE is ideal in situations where it is necessary to make areas of clay soil or with stagnant water, stable.
Its fluid characteristic means it can fill any cavity that is irregular or hard to reach with heavy-duty machinery (such as lorries, wheel tractor-scrapers…).
It can also be used to fill derelict cavities (tunnels, cisterns, mines), to fill road ramps, to fill arches in historical centres and to insulate gas lines.

Advantages of FOAM CONCRETE in geotechnical filling.

The Geotech filling system has many advantages, the first being that of facilitating changes to the subsoil, making the land stable using less resources and energy than with traditional methods, without having negative effects on the environment and maintaining a high level of soil permeability.

FOAM CONCRETE also has a high logistic advantage as great amounts of material are not transported, nor is compacting roller machinery, used, rather it is self-produced directly on site with small machines.

Plus, the raw materials are simply water, concrete and TECHCELL foaming additive. Its fluidity allows fast application and is self-compacting and therefore does not need any special processing for levelling.

Necessary Equipment and additives for GeoTech.

Necessary Equipment for GeoTech.

– KOMPATTO series
– KOMPATTO series with MiV System
– K250 series
– K250 series with MiV System

Additives required for GeoTech.


Optional equipment for GeoTech.

– MiV System
– Screw conveyor for cement CTC
– Electronic Weighing System EWS
– Cart

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