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What are CLC walls?
FOAM CONCRETE casted on site into formworks.

A quick, low cost, single-storey home construction system (Social House) without the need for a factory with production line as the walls are cast directly on site, with FOAM CONCRETE.
Casting is carried out directly on site in formwork where steel reinforcement is already installed, if necessary, and the electrical and hydraulic systems.

Where to use the technique CLC walls cast on site?

The on-site casting technique for walls and partitions can be used for the complete construction of low cost, single-storey homes (Social House) or for filling non load bearing walls where the load bearing structure (pillars and beams) are made with concrete or steel. In this application the thickness of the outer walls must not be less than 20 cm with minimum density of 1.000-1.200 kg/m³. While the partition walls can have a minimum thickness of 10 cm.
The on-site wall casting system is also suited for building fences and containment walls.
Walls made with FOAM CONCRETE maintain a comfortable indoor climate, without thermal energy loss, also allowing considerable savings on the costs of use in environmental conditioning systems.
It also increases the transpirability of the walls preventing the formation of mould and considerably lightening the structure of the building.

How to cast CLC walls on site?

It is particularly easy to cast walls on site using the COISOIMPER system.
After installing the formwork, the FOAM CONCRETE is mixed and pumped by a complete machine, KOMPATTO R16, directly into the formwork.
From the next day the formwork can be removed, and it can be of any type as long as it is resistant to hydrostatic pressure and watertight.
To make CLC walls all you need are water, cement, sand and foaming agent TECHCELL HT.

To increase the technical characteristics of CLC walls, the auxiliary additives for CLCDSP XL, FBR, HDR can be added to the mixture.

Advantages of the CLC walls cast directly on site.

There are multiple advantages to using the cast on site technique.
In the production phase:
– It is not needed a factory with production line
– Using raw materials that are available in the world and are not subject to special processes
– Product stability during the production phase
– Easy change of density and dimension
– Contained investments and start-up costs
– Low energy consumption in production

In the transport:
– It is produced directly on site

In the construction site:
– Excellent quality/price ratio
– Easy and quick installation
– 100% recyclable
– No negative effect on the environment

At the end of construction:
– Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation
– Fire resistance
– Energy savings
– Considerable mechanical strength
– Tearing strength for unit mounting
– Impact resistance
– Savings of up to 30% for domestic heating and cooling
– No need for insulating plaster

Machinery and additives for the production of CLC walls.

Equipments required for CLC walls.
K250 series

Additives required for CLC walls.

Optional equipments for CLC walls.
– Screw conveyor for cement CTC
– Conveyor belt for sand CBS
– Electronic weighing system EWS
– Cart

Optional additives for CLC walls.

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Main machines and additives for CLC production

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