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Ready-mixed thermo insulating plaster

POLYTECH® THERM is an insulating plaster premixed in bags, composed by cement, hydraulic lime, POLYTECH® THERM RESIN (compound of additives designed for plaster) and polystyrene beads treated with TECH additive.
This formulation allows an excellent adhesion to the surface, plasticity of the mortar and waterproof plaster after curing. Moreover, an immediate saving on heating costs.

All you need to do is just add water, since every component of the compound is already into the bag and a normal mixer or plaster machines.

Allows big cost savings compared to traditional insulation methods
Water repellent
It does not cause cracks
Eliminate thermal bridges
Ensures good thermal insulation and good sound absorption
Allows a considerable energy saving

Technical characteristics:
Thermal conductivity: 0,056 W/mk.
Compliant with UNI EN 998-1 (T-CS1-W1).
Resistance to vapor diffusion (EN 1015-19) 4,5.
Fire classification M0 (non-flammable).

Fields of use:
Thermal insulation coatings, thermal insulation of internal walls, thermal insulation on the ceiling, elimination of thermal bridges of buildings and in general, protection of facades from rainwater.

Necessary for the production of POLYTECH® THERM:

  • Bagging machine BMP
  • CD1
  • TECH additive
  • Cement
  • Hydraulic lime
  • Polystyrene beads

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