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Treated polystyrene bag with TECH additive.

POLYTECH® bag is a bag with polystyrene beads homogeneously treated with TECH additive.
It is packaged in the factory using CD1 system which nebulizes the polystyrene beads with TECH additive and fill the bags. (normally bags of 250 lt and 500 lt).
POLYTECH® bag with the adding of water and cement, is used for the production of POLYTECH® and it is mixed by specific machines as Mp1 or KOMPATTO Series or with normal mixers.

TECH additive is a liquid solution of anionic surface-active agents with neutral PH and it is omogenously mixed with polystyrene beads, ensuring an accurate mixing of the concrete with the polystyrene (EPS) avoiding the separation and sedimentation.
Moreover, it also increases the mixture volume, avoid the problems of shrinking and related consequences as: cracks and deformations, without modifying curing times of concrete mixture.

Fire classification M0 (non-flammable).
Buona resistenza a compressione.
Breathability to water vapor.
High thermal insulation
Excellent workability.
Not require specific machinery.

Necessary for the production of POLYTECH® bag:

  • CD1
  • TECH additive
  • Polystyrene beads

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