What are CLC SLABS HP?

Slabs in FOAM CONCRETE, used for cladding Steel Frame structure.

The SLABS HP are lightweight and easy to handle, produced with a medium FOAM CONCRETE mixture.
They can be self-manufactured using COISOIMPER systems and local raw materials combined with specific COISOIMPER additives.

The main characteristics of CLC SLABS HP are flexural strength and therefore strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure and with a 2 cm thickness. The standard dimensions are 75 x 60 cm and the weight is 9 kg.

Technical characteristics of CLC SLABS HP:
– High compressive strength
– Resistance to impact
– Flexural strength (during the filling of FOAM CONCRETE)
– Tear resistance (for fixing wall units)
– Fire resistance and protection to the Steel Frame
– Lightness (so good thermal insulation).


The CLC SLABS HP are mainly used to replace fiber cement panels or similar and as cladding on exterior and partition walls on steel structures.
Plus, the slabs are used as “disposable formwork” thanks to the flexural strength during pumping, and therefore the use of formwork is not required.

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