COISOIMPER with more than 40 years of experience, has increased knowledge in the field of lightweight concrete, allowing to manufacture equipments and foaming agents more advanced, improving day by day.

The range includes a series of mixers, foam generators, pumps and complete plant for blocks or precast panels production.

COISOIMPER offers an advanced system for producing lightweight concrete with polystyrene (also called POLYTECH, Styrofoam, EPS concrete) or Cellular Light Concrete (also called CLC, foam concrete, foamed concrete, aerated concrete).

Lightweight concrete combines the construction ease of concrete with the thermal insulation properties and can be used for a very wide range of application where lighter loads or thermal insulation or both are desired.

The main applications are; blocks and panels for walls (precast walls or cast on site walls) interior panels, screeds, roof Insulation, void filling, road sub-bases and maintenance, bridge abutments and repairs, ground stabilization.

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